Pet Appreciation Week AKA Spoil Your Pet Week

Saint bernard puppy with tabby cat in front of a laptopThe best way to celebrate Pet Appreciation Week  (June 1 – 7)  is to spoil your fur kids with extra love and affection (is that possible?), and, also to indulge them with new home accessories and toys.

There’s no question that Americans love to shop online. It allows you to play with your mouse while sitting around in your pajamas and bunny slippers. E-commerce forecasters predict that sales will reach around $1.4 trillion this year! And of course added into this mix is shopping for our pets.

But more importantly, savvy shoppers tend to do extensive research in order to secure the best prices available.

I recently discovered TTPM,  a consumer website that publishes excellent product reviews, videos and live price updates along with product availability at major retailers including Amazon, Wal-Mart, Target, Toys“R”Us, Babies“R”Us, buybuy BABY, GameStop, Best Buy, Sports Authority, Modell’s Sporting Goods, PetSmart, and

Last year, the site had 117 million views of their reviews. They review about 5,000 products annually, every one with a video.  So its little wonder that millions of consumers are making their online purchases usingthe website as their portal. They are very popular in the kids’ space but are now focusing their attention on the pet space too. Thus one-stop shopping for all family members. In the pet space, they are foscusing on dog toys, cat toys and all pet toys.

Reviews are always important because everyone want to be assured that they are getting the most bang for their buck. And when it comes to pet products this applies to durability too. Their reviews are straightforward and easy to relate to. It’s a very good place to start a shopping “trip”. By connecting on all their social media channels you will be able to track the bargains in real time.











tip of the day

Courtesy: The Kong Company
Courtesy: The Kong Company

Distraction toys such as a Kong can provide additional hours of fun if you stuff it with Ultramix sweet potato or pumpkin puree and freeze the toy until the puree is solid. Be sure to give the stuffed Kong to your dog outside or somewhere where you won’t mind cleaning up the mess – if he doesn’t lick up everything for you! Peanut butter is another great option. Courtesy Kong