Pet Census 2020

Photo: Kevin Turcios Unsplash

Every 10 years Americans are asked to respond to a census that produces a snapshot of the American population providing critical data about communities and helping to channel funding for critical services nationwide. Well, every 10 years there is a Pet Census too undertaken Mars PetCare to get insights into America’s pet population. While we know pets are family, things have changed in the past decade:

From June to August 2020, more than 13,000 pet parents (representing nearly 25,000 dogs and more than 6,000 cats!)were quizzed for the 2020 Pet Census.

  • Pet adoptions are up. Nearly 63% of dog parents and 51% of cat parents adopted their pet from a shelter or rescue.
  • Dogs and cats make the best cuddle buddies. As a result, these pets most commonly sleep in bed with their humans.
  • Pets support mental health. Nearly everyone (99% of dog parents and 96% of cat parents) believes their pet has a positive impact on their mental health.
  • “Best friend” is an understatement. The bond with pets is so strong that 72% of dog parents and 32% of cat parents admit they’ve canceled plans to spend time with their pets.
  • Pets are social stars. More than half of pet parents post on social media about their furry family members at least a few times a month. And more than 17% even have dedicated accounts for their pets.
  • DNA testing is more popular than ever! Of the dog parents surveyed, 67% have done a DNA test for their pet. (

Here is the bigger picture.




tip of the day

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