Pet Health Insurance: Is It Right For Your Dog


Can I afford a dog?

This is one of the key questions that potential dog owners need to ask themselves before adopting.

Dogs are a long-term financial responsibility. It’s not just about daily food and weekly grooming. It’s about long-term health care. Every pet should receive at least one annual veterinary check-up.

There are more options to invest in pet insurance than ever before that cover ordinary vet visits and those big bills dealing with more serious health issues. Some dogs are more prone to heredity issues than offers and its important to be well informed.

Different companies have different options and layers of cover. And, more than ever before, those in the pet insurance business are detailing the type of cover they offer so that pet owners can compare and make informed decisions best suited to their needs.


Recently Pet’s Best Insurance Services published an online comprehensive New Dog Owner’s Guide providing a quick, easy-to-navigate, educational resource for dog owners on a variety of key topics pertaining to their pet’s overall care.

It’s a good place to start your doggie research. Here’s a link to the guide to get you started.


tip of the day

The legendary Dr Roger Mugford with the Halti Optifit

Exercise is healthy. A nice walk before a meal will ensure that afterwards, your dog will relax and snooze. However, on very hot days, limit exercise excursions to either early morning or early evening to avoid the punishing heat of the middle of the day. Be sure to take water with you – even on a short walk. Winter or summer — ALWAYS  tailor your dog’s walks to his age and general mobility. Consider walking inside a pet-friendly indoor mall if the weather is not conducive to outside exercise.