Pet Safety for July 4th — and Beyond

Photo Animal Wellness Action and the Center for a Humane Economy

We can all be animal advocates an d protect them from the noises of 4th of July fireworks and beyond to make it something we think about year round and educating friends, family, and our communities at large.

Wayne Pacelle of the Animal Wellness Action organization spells out some wise words:

” As  humans, understand fireworks and that the explosions are contained, and that the visuals are harmless. We know we are not in danger. But for animals, it seems like the war has come to their homes, whether they are birds in the backyard or dogs or cats in our homes.

This is a matter of restraint and of our understanding of the effects on animals. We can have a fantastic celebration without putting animals through the stress of a fireworks extravaganza in our communities.

We can spare our pets and wildlife from the wartime-like booming sounds, burning smoke, and bright flashing lights of live fireworks displays.

It would make a world of difference to our pets to keep them at home, in a safe and secure room with their favorite toys and a cozy blanket, during this holiday week. Better yet, stay home with them, so they don’t panic with the repetition of booming sounds.

Triggered by these concussive sounds, many pets choose flight.  And they go missing. Make sure your pets have identification on their collars. Keeping them indoors during these displays is critical.

Even worse, birds lose their judgment and slam into windows, producing serious injury or death.

There are so many alternatives to celebrating the Fourth of July without fireworks. Ideas include glow sticks, firecracker piñatas, red and blue bubbles, giant bubble blow wands, balloons with LED lights inside, confetti poppers, and silly string.

For the long term, let your city leaders know that you would like to invest in a celebration that doesn’t involve live fireworks. Educate your neighbors, lobby your HOA or local chamber of commerce to change the celebration next year to be 100% animal friendly.”



tip of the day

Dogs and cats with allergies may suffer more nasal issues from perfumed rooms sprays. They can affect human household members too.