Project Watson Dog Care


When it comes to new pet products, there are two recurring themes; products invented out of necessity and inspired by a pet with a specific health issue, and, corporate America trying to replicate their consumer success in various arenas entering the pet space to carve a niche in this lucrative marketplace too.


Occasionally, the inspiration is a fusion of both as with the introduction of the Project Watson Dog Care a line of veterinary eye and ear care solutions from Bausch + Lomb.

As a pet parent, there is a certain level of comfort using products on your pets made by a company whose products are a part of your daily health regimen too.

Regarding inspiration and products born out of necessity, the Project Watson Dog Care products pay tribute to a pooch named Watson. Upon being rescued, it became obvious to his pet parent Albert, that the cute terrier mix had chronic eye issues and needed products to help protect his eyes (and ears) from irritation caused by everyday detritus and environmental issues such as pollen and other bacteria that can cause irritation, and maybe even infection. Luckily, for Watson, and, ultimately pet parents everywhere, his pet parent works  at Bausch + Lomb, leading to the introduction of the company’s veterinary solutions.

Our pooch and regular product tester Riley would have a great career as a search and rescue dog as her nose is always on the ground on amazing “sniffaris” wherever we go. With her face constantly  so close to the ground, we are very conscious about wiping down her eyes and her ears. We have had our fair share of watery eyes and issues – and trips to the vet. So I was very keen to try both the solutions and the wipes.

Packaged in the same easy to use bottles as human eye care solutions the products are made with premium quality and naturally inspired ingredients, such as sodium, a component of natural tears. Project Watson eye wash  is a gentle, pH-balanced formula that matches the pH of a dog’s eye to provide a deep clean.

Project Watson Ear Wash is specifically formulated with soothing, naturally inspired ingredients such as aloe leaf juice to support skin hydration while also cleansing the ears of foreign material and other irritants. This gentle cleaning solution contains no harsh chemicals so it can be used every day as part of a healthy regimen.

The Eyelid Wipes and Ear Wipes are ideal to take with you on outdoor excursions and have proved invaluable on outings and even after a day of romping around the garden.

Here are some useful tips from Bausch + Lomb  veterinarian Danielle Rutherford, VDM on using the products.

Eye Care:

“Dirt and debris can get trapped around the eyes, leading to infection or irritation. The eye wipes  can be used daily in pets with excess tear production to relieve staining, but all pets will need this done occasionally to remove excess buildup.”

Ear care:

“Without regular ear care, many dogs obtain buildup that can block the ear canals, obscuring hearing or trapping moisture that can lead to ear infections. Regular cleaning with the wipe or wash can help avoid this buildup.”

The solutions and the wipes are obviously soothing to the touch as Riley didn’t balk when we wiped her eyes and ears. And, paws crossed no issues lately!

 The Project Watson Dog Care range gets our Must Have Stamp of Approval.



tip of the day

Dogs and cats with allergies may suffer more nasal issues from perfumed rooms sprays. They can affect human household members too.


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