Road Warriors To The Rescue: Get Exercise and Make a Difference While Traveling for Work

Road warriors are all too familiar with the typical workout at a hotel gym while traveling, but for those who are interested in a more engaging and meaningful way to work out, Mutual Rescue’s Doggy Day Out program may be the answer.

The Mutual Rescue Doggy Day Out Program is an easy way to help, taking dogs from local shelters on outings and field trips in the community. It requires minimal training and only a few hours each time. A Doggy Day Out adventure can be a hike, trip to a beach, nice dinner at a pet-friendly restaurant, or even a sleepover at the volunteer’s home. Dozens of shelters across the U.S. offer them, and it’s a way for people with busy schedules to engage with their local shelter and advocate for animals. It’s also a great excuse to get out and get some exercise or explore with a canine sidekick. One participant says, “A dog gets joy from sunshine and a car ride regardless of its past. Going out with these dogs teaches you to live in the moment.”

“Doggy Day Out encourages people who might not typically have time to volunteer to engage with local shelters and advocate for the dogs,” says Mutual Rescue founder Carol Novello. “It’s also a great excuse to get out and get some exercise or explore with a canine sidekick.”

Participating shelters exist in cities all over the United States. Road warriors with planned upcoming travel can check their destination against this list and see where they can call ahead and plan to

The outings help dogs manage stress from being at a shelter, burn off energy, and get more exposure in their communities, helping them find homes more quickly.

  • After sending 83 dogs on Doggy Day Out in one day, an Ohio shelter saw more than ten of them get adopted within 24 hours.
  • A shelter in Colorado had someone drive from California to adopt one of their dogs after a photo from a Doggy Day Out participant was posted showcasing the dog’s love of the outdoors and family time.

Change your day, change up your travel schedule, and change a dog’s life at the same time!

Now this is a really good idea!



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