RompiCatz Adjustable String Wand and the RompiCatz Critter Interchangeable Cat Toys Collection

I believe that every cat deserves to have a wand toy because they re-enforce inherent feline traits to hunt, pounce and play. And they allow cats to interact with their favorite people too.

There is no shortage of products on the market but not all products are created equal. For a wand toy to be successfully accepted by a cat, the critter on the end must be small and realistic in its fluttery and wiggly movements. You can initiate the most action if it’s on the end of a string and the rod is lightweight. The weight matters because many cats like to carry their wands around and bring them to a favorite person to request play time. The RompiCatz wands score highly on all these points. Further, the toys are handmade and extremely durable. My cats each have their favorite critters (more about that selection later) and they have been in daily play for the past 4 years!

New to the RompiCatz cat collection is the RompiCatz Adjustable String Wand, cleverly designed to that it’s possible to adjust the length of string for play. The way it works it that the excess string is stored in the wand handle. Currently, the selection of toys available for this new wand consist of three feline favorites. There’s a faux mouse, a crinkly ball and a flutter bug.


Open the end of the handle and pull the bead out with the section you string you want to shorten the length by.

  • Hold the rod handle in your left hand with two fingers extended.
  • With your right hand wind the excess string around those fingers going from north to south
  • (vertically) until you reach the bead on the end.
  • Gently take the coiled string off your fingers.
  • Pull out a little more of the string from the rod and wind it around the existing coil going west to east  (horizontally) a couple of times. This will tighten the coil.
  • Then place the coiled string back inside the handle and let the game begin.

RompiCatz Critter Collector Series Interchangeable Cat Toys

These fabulous critters (formerly known as Neko Flies) are all on a 41-inch durable string and clip onto the end of a Perspex wand with black handle so it easy to spot on the floor. (Toys should never be left lying around unattended. I wind the string around the wand and place out of reach.) The critters include the Cattikets, the Cattipeed and the Cattamoth, the BugzBird, the Wily Mouse and more – all wonderful fluttery, wiggly, furry, feathery and totally irresistible to cats!


Because the toys are long lasting, by having various bugs in the series means you can add stimulation to the games by changing them out on a regular basis.

The variety of games with a wand toy is what makes it a must have. You can drink coffee and play simultaneously. You can engage your cat and keep moving it along the floor before whisking it into the air. Dangle it at the end of a tunnel and they will dash through to retrieve. Whatever you do with the wand, you are providing your feline with great exercises and lots of both mental and physical stimulation as they hunt, pounce and play as only cats know how.

The RompiCatz  wand toys get the Must Have Stamp of Approval




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