Santa Paws is Coming to Town! 85% of Owners are Buying Gifts for Their Pets

PHOTOGRAPH: karsten-winegeart–unsplash

Pampered pets are at the top of the nice list this year. According to a new survey from Home Solutions, pet owners plan to spend an average of $122, or 20% of their overall gifting budget, on their pets this holiday season.

To find out how much pet parents plan to spoil their four-legged family members this holiday season, the MarketWatch Guides team surveyed 1,000 U.S. pet owners. You can check out our full study here: 

Around 80% of these owners buying gifts for their pets plan to present the gift in a special way by wrapping it or placing it in a festive stocking. Additionally, 40% plan to let their pets open the gift all by themselves!

Gen Z Plans to Spend More Than a Third of Their Holiday Budget on Pets.
While Gen Z has the smallest overall holiday budget, that isn’t stopping them from getting their pets everything on their wishlist this year. Gen Z will spend an average of $147 on their pets this holiday season, more than any other generation.

The survey also found that 70% of pet parents plan to do their gift shopping online. What exactly are they shopping for?
• 74% are buying toys
• 68% are buying treats
• 43% are buying equipment like leashes and cat trees
• 28% are buying clothing and novelty costumes
• 27% are buying premium food

Have you started your gift list yet?


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