The BUSTER Activity Mat

The BUSTER Activity Mat offers excellent mental and physical stimulation for all dogs.
The BUSTER Activity Mat offers excellent mental and physical stimulation for all dogs.

Dog behaviorists say that 10 minutes of mental stimulation is the equivalent of 45 minutes of active play.And there’s no question that dogs enjoy problem/ puzzle solving. The BUSTER Activity Mat consists of a heavy fabric mat on which there are 35 press-on snaps.  The mat comes in a nice carrier bag with three starter activities. Dog owners can choose from a series of different tasks ( that are purchased separately) that snap into place on the mat. The tasks are available in three levels of difficulty to keep dogs actively engaged and to stop them from getting bored.

The fun part is that mat is designed for pet parents to interact with their dogs and teach them how to solve the various activities/puzzles by retrieving the small toys or treats that are hidden and have to be sniffed out. So its a great way to spend quality time together.

I tested the mat for a video shoot with a guest doggie tester named Bentley. She quickly mastered the idea and soon she was working the various activities on her own, spurred on by lots of human encouragement.

Whether you only use the three activitites that come with the mat, or purchase additional activities,  the best part is that  you can  keep the games fresh by placing them in different places on the mat with the snaps.

A great form of mental stimulation. It’s well made and an excellent idea to keep dogs engaged especially when the weather is bad and they are forced to spend more time indoors.

Check this video to see the mat “in action”.

Thanks guest tester Bentley. This is activity mat definitely get my Must Have Stamp of Approval.


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