The Sedona Fountain

Sedona Fountain makes it easy for dogs and cats to drink from

I am a big fan of pet fountains because they replicate running water that both dogs and cats would enjoy in the wild.

Many believe that running water in a home environment attracts pets and encourages them to drink. I can attest to that. In fact, at one time, when I was testing a particular fountain, my late Fudge spent so much time sitting and staring at it and drinking it from it, I thought we had a potential kidney issue and rushed her to the vet. One hefty consultation fee later, I was told nothing was wrong; the fountain just fascinated her.

The new Sedona fountain from PetSafe is a large oval shape, which silently fills the bowl from a central spout that pets can reach from all angles. This is important because some pets actually like to drink “from the source” instead of the actual bowl.

However, at the same time, the area of the bowl should always be large enough to allow them to drink without hindering their whiskers in any way. Cats are particularly appreciative of this feature as many suffer from whisker stress.

It holds a generous 100 oz of water and the plastic bowl is a BPA-free, impact-resistant, copolyester plastic. The copolyester plastic is tested and approved by the FDA to come into contact with food or drink.

I was thrilled to learn that it takes the same charcoal and foam filters as other fountains manufactured by PetSafe. Nothing is more irritating that learning that the filters you stocked up on don’t fit the new fountain you just bought!!

Ziggy was the tester for this fountain. He drinks from both the central spout and the water surface. I top it up with ice cubes to keep the water cool. And even though it has filters, I also use purified water in an effort to keep his kidneys in tiptop condition.

The Sedona filter is a very stylish winner and thus earns the Must Have Stamp of Approval.


tip of the day

Dogs and cats with allergies may suffer more nasal issues from perfumed rooms sprays. They can affect human household members too.


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