These Shoes Are Made to Slip-on and GO!



Like many households, we go shoeless indoors for the sake of cleanliness. The downside of course, is constantly having to put shoes back on again when going outside or even into the garage. And, add a dog – and lots of walks into the mix – and you’re constantly bending, and, lacing. In a standard lace-up shoe, the heel area gets extra wear and tear if you trying  to maneuver your foot inside without untying and re-tying the laces, ultimately damaging the heel area of the shoe.

So, for all the reasons outlined above, when a PR colleague reached out and offered me a pair of Kizik sneakers to try, they sounded a good fit for my lifestyle. This brand has patents in place to put them in the forefront of hands-free footwear technology. The heel is designed to compress to allow the foot to slip inside and then it springs back into place and you’re good to go.


Fortunately, the brand, has lots of colors and styles for every occasion and caters for everyone including kids as young at three years old. And, they are also available in a wide fitting. I chose the Athens in all white to test and found them very practical and easy to put on and get going with an over-enthusiastic dog dictating the walk-speed.

If you have a dog, these are a game-changer. They are also a great gift for the pet parent who has everything. Hence, they get the Must Have Stamp of Approval.




tip of the day

Dogs and cats with allergies may suffer more nasal issues from perfumed rooms sprays. They can affect human household members too.


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