tip 351


Scottish kitten and puppy sleeping together. isolated on white

Did you know that the most common allergic reactions in pets are fleabites and common inhalants such as pollen, grasses and mold. Third in line are food allergies. If the allergy is related to inhalants, discuss the idea of allergy injections with your veterinarian. It amounts to very small doses of that allergen that gradually increases in dosage over time until the immune system gets used to the allergen, and is less likely to react to it. It is not a quick fix and can be expensive. But its good to know that such a solution is available.


tip of the day

bounceIf you cat and dog has a lot of static in their fur, try using dryer sheets. Run one lightly over your pet’s coat to take out frizz and the friction. Don’t forget to wash your hands afterwards.