Top Dog House

Etsy  has announced the winners of the first-ever global design awards with exceptional pet decor taking top prizes. The winning dog house was created by architects Alejandro and Sara Pijuán. The Los Angeles-based couple’s love of dogs and mid-century architecture came together in their handcrafted dog house designs, each customized to suit the needs of their four-legged clients and their owners.

The “1118 WOOF RANCH” is approx 44″ wide by 72″ long and is made to order. The low pitched roof and eaves allows for a shaded interior while providing passive ventilation for the pup to stay cool. The roof is comprised of expressed beams and eaves with cedar shingles from end to end. As an aesthetic feature for the owner, a custom planter box is situated below the extended eaves to allow for water run off to water and hydrate the planting below. It has both indoor and outdoor comforts for the dog by means of a deck. The deck extends inside to create a cozy retreat for the dog to cuddle up on the cool artificial turf while also allowing it to soak in some rays on his personal deck. The internal part of the dog retreat contains a window or portal for the dog to be able to keep track of what going on both inside and outside of his retreat. All yours (or your dog’s) for $4000 plus.


tip of the day

Courtesy: The Kong Company
Courtesy: The Kong Company

Distraction toys such as a Kong can provide additional hours of fun if you stuff it with Ultramix sweet potato or pumpkin puree and freeze the toy until the puree is solid. Be sure to give the stuffed Kong to your dog outside or somewhere where you won’t mind cleaning up the mess – if he doesn’t lick up everything for you! Peanut butter is another great option. Courtesy Kong