When Your True Love Has Fur And A Tail

Do you show your pet more love than even your human partner? You are not alone! According to the first annual Petcube pet love Valentine’s Day survey, 84% of pet owners consider their pet the love of their life! And at least  54% plan to buy their fur-babies a present this Valentine’s Day!

This  fact also squares with the “big data” from retailers. Of the $19.7 billion spent on Valentine’s Day gifts in 2016, $681 million went to pets, according to the National Retail Foundation.

This year’s pet love survey also indicated the larger role pets play in relationships:

76% of people find a romantic partner more attractive if they’re pet friendly
9% have broken up with a partner over a pet
25% of people have taken their pet on a date
The survey also looked at how pet parents show love to their fur-babies, namely:

91% of users tell their pets they love them Top ways pet parents show their pets love: 96% pet them, 96% play with them, and 91% give them treats
32% of people kiss their pet on the lips
73% of users show affection via Petcube by talking and playing with pets remotely
The infographic image accompanying this press release can be found at petcube.com/blog/petlovesurvey/.

Furthermore, the survey also showed strong support for adoption today. 76% of respondents adopted their pets. Petcube actively supports a number of rescue and shelter organizations to increase awareness and adoption of pets in need of a forever home. Through the Petcube App, users can interact and play with real pets, whether their own or with publicly available shelter and rescue pets. There was a total of 4,571 hours of public playtime with shelter pets via the Petcube App in 2016.

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, Petcube is running a limited time promotion on its Petcube Play, now on sale for $179 through February 17th. A great way to spend the entire Valentine’s Day with your pet eve  if you have stuck in your office.

Check out the fun survey info graphic here





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