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From pet paint to a dog food slow cooker, the wildest pet trend of 2012


Battling back-to-school sadness for pets

Once the kids leave the house, empty nest syndrome hits not only parents, but animals, too


Ruff Day At the Office

From doggie dinners to group pet dances, workplaces put out the welcome mat for pups !


High-flying Dad Makes Pet Rescue A Family Affair

Recreational pilot flies dogs from shelters to their forever homes — and takes his kids along for the ride


Mutt Census

German shepherds popular as mixed-breed, chow chow often found at grandparent level


Famed Cat Takes Office at New York Hotel

Matilda III is purr-fect pick for Algonquin’s ‘Directfurr’ of Guest Relations

Originally published on TODAYShow.COM.


More pet lovers banking doggie sperm

Their goal is to eventually produce a pup just like dear old Dad

Originally published in MSNBC.COM.


The dog who ate a butcher knife, and other tales

He swallowed what? How to protect pets who munch everything in sight

Originally published in MSNBC.COM.


Pet peeves: The dog who crashed the party

Where people tote their precious pooches, trouble follows

Originally published in MSNBC.COM.


When your pet goes missing, call a detective

Using high-tech gear and trained dogs, investigators help frantic owners

Originally published in MSNBC.COM.


If only my dog were a man

Many people wish their partners had more canine qualities, survey finds

Originally published in MSNBC.COM.


Pet-friendly homes for your furry family

More Americans adapt their houses for the comfort of four-legged pals

Originally published in MSNBC.COM.


Can Rover come over?

Play dates, doggie gyms and dance classes are hot for pampered pets

Originally published in MSNBC.COM. 


Furry friends flock to pet programming

Couch-potato dogs and cats are TV’s newest audience

Originally published in MSNBC.COM.


Ménagerie à trois

How to handle a ‘jealous’ pet

Originally published in MSNBC.COM.


Flying the fur-friendly skies

More airlines offer perks to four-legged travelers

Originally published in MSNBC.COM.


The Pope and the Pussycats

New leader of the Catholic Church loves felines

Originally published in MSNBC.COM.


Canine Investigators Taking a Bite out of Crime

With aid of DNA analysis, dog detectives have perps on the run


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